Nottingham Local Newspaper, The Beeston Express Sample Issue Front Page Image

The Beeston Express website includes contact details for the editor and an archive of issues from 2013, with older articles also available on request. One of the best local newspapers in South Nottinghamshire, the current issue is always available at a cover price of only 40p in most of the Attenborough, Beeston, Bramcote, Chilwell, Stapleford and Toton newsagents, including:

Attenborough Nature Centre, Barton Lane;
Attenborough Service Station, 5 Nottingham Road;
Beeston News, 86 High Road;
Chilwell Road News, 86A Chilwell Road;
Co-op Food Store, 291 Queens Road;
G & A Middleton, 99 Central Avenue;
Hiral Newsagent, 148 Wollaton Road;
Post News, 38 The Square;
Sainsbury’s, Stoney Street;
Sangha Newsagent, 182 Queens Road;
Tesco, Station Road;
W H Smith, High Road;
Arun Food & News, 154 Meadow Road;
County Stores, 57-59 Trafalgar Road;
Discount Food & Wine, 46 Lilac Crescent;
M&N News, 40a Sevenoaks Crescent;
Bains News, Bramcote Avenue;
Bramcote Lane Stores, 181 Bramcote Lane;
Chetwynd Stores, 8-10 Chetwynd Road;
News ‘n’ Essentials, 9 Sunnyside Road;
Select ‘n’ Save, 404 High Road;
Sunnyside Post Office, Sunnyside Road;
Co-op Food Store, 41–57 Derby Road;
Pasture Road Convenience Store, 7 Pasture Road;
Toton News & Off Licence, 79 High Road.